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About Us

International Korean Medical Company has been established in Jeddah to produce Disposable Syringes and Hypodermic Needles. Our Medical products are certified to ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485: 2003 and SFDA.

We registered two Brand names of our company as IKM & KC.

We are fully devoted to the constant technological innovation, continual research and development brings the steady rising in quality and the reduction of the cost, which make the products more competitive in the international market.

We have all Korean made equipments, Raw materials and modern Technology  with technical assistance, training and installation service to produce the best quality of the products. The management has also been recruited with professional Pharmacists, Engineers and Experienced Staff from Korea, USA and Canada. International Korean Company for Medical Syringes,located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  produce all the part of syringes even the poly bag, we are the first company in the Kingdom which manufacture complete Hypodermic Needle with Disposable Syringes.

We use the more recent technology for manufacturing the gaskets which is the third part of the syringes, a syringe generally comprises an outer cylinder, a gasket encased therein for sliding movements and a plunger for sliding the gasket.

Important characteristics required for this type of syringe are air impermeability, water impermeability and slid ability of the gasket. Air and water impermeability is required for the eliminating leakage of the liquid and introduction of the air between the outer face of the gasket and the inner wall of the outer cylinder when charging or discharging of the liquid inside the syringe.In addition to these requirements a medical syringe, in particular, must not adversely affect any medicine or blood with which it comes in contact. The gasket of a conventional syringe is made of rubber material such as natural rubber, isoprene rubber or styrene -butadiene rubber which is vulcanized with sulfur.
this gasket is encased inside an outer cylinder of plastic material, although this type of conventional gasket have good air and water impermeability, it does not have the slid ability inside the outer cylinder even if silicone is applied to both the entire outer face of the gasket and the inner wall of the outer cylinder, also the initial movement is hard to effect . thus if an attempt is made to move the gasket from the stopped position to a relatively nearby target position , the force required to effect this movement sometimes results in a movement which overshoots the target position .Due to this , it is difficult to correctly charge or discharge a desired amount of a liquid sample.

In addition in a conventional gasket of the type described above , additives such as sulfur , a vulcanization -accelerator and a filter are added to the rubber material during the manufacture , thus the gasket comes in contact with the blood or medicine such as injection solution in use , these additives may be eluted into the blood or medicines , Thus the gasket has presented problems for medical use , furthermore , since the conventional gasket is manufactured by molding which requires the vulcanization step for converting a plastic material into elastic material , the productivity has been inferior .

  • It is one of the objects of the present invention to provide a syringe with a gasket which is superior in air and water impermeability as well as in slide ability.
  • It is another object of the present invention to provide a syringe which does not adversely affect liquids and charged into it.
  • finally our present invention provides a syringe comprising an outer cylinder , a gasket having at least one part which slid ably  contacts the inner wall of said outer cylinder under the compressed condition forming air and water tight seal and being made of a colorable thermoplastic elastomer material.

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Our Challange

Our challenge is to become a "First IKM" - a highly reputed global company. Through the continuous research and development, IKM is always trying to become the top company in the world. 


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